When conversations are tough. When stakes are high. When everything is changing. I can help your group find its sweet spot, keep things positive and productive, and find joy and fulfillment working together.

What does a facilitator bring to the group?

Focus. Direction. Planning. Efficiency. Fun. Investment. Full participation. Group dynamics. Neutrality. Creativity. Better Decisions.

When should I think of hiring a facilitator?

Team Building. Complex issues. Organizational Change. Strategy. Project Start Up. Board Meetings. Tough Conversations. Large Groups.

What can I expect?

As a facilitator, I will help you get feedback from participants to build an agenda with a format designed for your group, your situation, and your goals. I'll help with logistics and set up. I'll manage the meeting. And then we can figure out how I can best follow up with your group, whether that is a formal report, typed notes, or a graphic recap.