I discovered several years ago just how passionate I was about meetings while in the middle of a bad meeting.

You know the kind. The ones that stray hopelessly of topic. The ones that run around and around in circles without ever really reaching resolution. The ones with half the attendees somewhere else; out the room, in their smartphones, out the window. The ones where someone's taking notes, but no one will read them.

It's generally acknowledged that all these meetings cost organizations billions of dollars. But the costs of bad meetings go even deeper; wasting time, wasting energy, and wasting the people resource. On the other hand, when meetings work well, they can be great opportunities for team members to foster team spirit, generate new ideas, and align all those moving pieces. All of which can help an organization improve productivity.

I didn't know it then, making my mental list of what I would do differently if I ran the meeting and trying to subtly improve (or avoid) weekly team meetings, but I was looking at my calling. I can help your organization turn your meetings around. I invite you to explore more and achieve more with your time working together. I offer meeting support, including facilitation, visual meetings, and consulting or coaching to organizations and community groups ready to work better together.

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