Jenny Seiler is a skilled facilitator and a budding graphic recorder.

She draws extensively from her first hand experience working with groups, including groups that work and groups that don't. She has a deep passion for collaboration and her belief in what groups can accomplish together drives her to help groups find their "sweet spot". Where team members feel fulfilled. Where productivity soars. And where creativity helps achieve unexpected solutions. She also firmly believes in the power of fun to transform the way groups interact so there is occasional silliness in meetings she supports.

She holds a Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Certification in Conflict Management from University of California at Davis Extension. In addition, she is always adding more tools and skills to her repertoire through continuing education and workshops.

Jenny uses her graphic eye for fine art printing and has worked teaching and designing for Painted Tongue Press Studio in Oakland, CA. She also volunteers her services to non-profit organizations that are serving the local community, including SEEDS Community Resolution Services.